Weeds Local to Southern Mississippi

Weed Identification
Michigan State Weed Identifier
U. California Weed ID
LSU AgCenterVery good pictures of immature weeds
Clemson Coop Extension
Preen: MS
MonocotsOne “seed leaf” or monocotyledon (\ˌkä-tə-ˈlē-dən\)
Annual BluegrassAnnualProlific seeder. Complete eradication not possible. 
Bermuda GrassPerennialAllelopathic–contains a chemical that hurts other plants. Hybrid form is often used for heavily used lawns.
CogongrassP, SpringSeventh worst weed in the world.
CrabgrassA, SummerSeeds itself every year.
Dallis grassPV-shaped seedhead
Goose GrassA, Summer
SmilaxP, SpringA vining shrub with nasty thorns and thick rhizome roots. New growth tips are edible.
SpiderwortA, Spr-SumLovely wildflower.
Torpedo GrassP, WarmLoves wet areas with lots of sun; use double-glove Roundup technique around garden plants and shrubs.
Wild GarlicP WinterRound stem. Edible (if it smells like onion or garlic) Otherwise beware! Makes cow’s milk taste unpleasant when foraged. Youtube on difference between wild onion and wild garlic.
SedgesIn general, sedges have stems with triangular cross-sections 
NutsedgeP;  WarmSpread by deep tubers, rhizomes and seeds. Difficult to eradicate because of these.
Dicots   Two “seed leaves”  or dicotyledons
BindweedPFoliage is arrow shaped with morning-glory type flowers. Deep-rooted and difficult to eradicate. Use pieces of bindweed as ties in place of twine when tying and staking plants.  
Black MedicA, Psmall cloverlike leaves with tiny yellow flowers
Burweed, Lawn BurweedA, WinterPainful burrs stick to feet and clothing.
Carolina GeraniumSpring, W, A, B Cutleaf geranium
Catchweed BedstrawSpring, W, ASticky feeling  when touched. Also called stickywilly.    Galium aparine L.
ChamberbitterA, Summer Aka mimosa weed
ChickweedA An edible green (one gardener tosses its leaves with honey and lemon juice in salads
Creeping CharliePGround Ivy. Evergreen creeper on rhizomes. Sometimes used as a groundcover.
DandelionALeaves are used to add flavor to salads, sandwiches, and teas.
DewberriesP  Thorny trailing vine with taproots. Rain dilutes flavor of berries.
DichondraP  Small roundish leaves with off-center stems. 
DollarweedP  Aka Pennywort; supposed to be warm-season! Stem connects In the center of the leaf.
Florida BetonyP Winter  Aka Rattlesnake weed because of the rattle-like tuberous root
FleabaneA or B, Sum. Flowers look like small, 10-20 multibranced dandelions
HenbitA or B, Winter Pretty purple, small orchid-looking flower
Oxalis(Wood Sorrel)P Usually pink or yellow with shamrock-looking leaf
PeppervinePWoody deciduous vine
PlantainPVeins run parallel to leaf edges. Poultice-relieves itching and redness.
Prostrate SpurgeA,  Summer Matted. Loves dry, sunny curb edges. 
Purple VetchA, Winter Vining fine leaved weed, sprouting right now.
PurslaneSummerEminently edible. Prostrate, fleshy, shiny flat leaves. Part of the Portulaca family.
RagweedA, SummerPrimary cause of hay fever–not goldenrod which  blooms at the same time
SmellmelonASprawling vine with yellow flowers resembling other melon vines.
Sow ThistleP Multiple yellow flowers
Stinging NettleP Nutritional and medicinal value when cooked or made into a tea; causes skin irritation when handled
SwinecressA or B, S or W Skunklike odor in lesser swinecress
Virginia ButtonweedP  Difficult to control because of deep rhizomes, prolific seeding. atlike coverage. Particularly bad in lawns this year(2014)
Virginia CreeperP  High climbing vine; 5 leaves; remove from trees; irritant to some people.
White CloverP  Legume of the bean family (therefore it sets nitrogen in the soil).
Wild CarrotB  Aka Queen Anne’s Lace. Parsley family
Fertilome WeedFree Zone 
RoundUp MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
RoundUp Label 
Preen Weed Preventer Be careful–there are different formulations for vegetable gardens–or not.
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